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Watch Your Career Take Off: CREW CHIEF

In Charge of Excellence

MHIRJ Crew Chiefs play a pivotal role in supporting an aviation organization that is growing and reaching new heights every day. In this role, you’ll lead a team that’s passionate about aircraft, plan and organize all maintenance tasks, and ensure all work meets or exceeds standards. You’ll get to work in a dynamic environment, coordinate workload requirements, conduct team meetings, oversee employee activities, and document actions as needed.

A Maintenance Guru and a Mentor

As a Crew Chief, you’re comfortable working unsupervised and acting as a mentor to your teammates. From providing technical guidance and training the team, to giving performance feedback, you’ll head a tight-knit group. We’ll trust in your input on disciplinary actions, performance management programs, and our selection process. 

You’ve got the talent. We’ve got the position to help you take it even further. No matter where you are on your career path, at MHIRJ the only way is up. Aspiring to be an expert Technician? Want to lead a team as a Crew Chief at one of our Service Centers? We offer everyone the opportunity to learn, grow, and excel.

We recognize your value and want you to feel empowered to reach your potential. That’s why we offer the comprehensive benefits and company culture to do just that. When your work has purpose, you feel driven. When you connect with your colleagues, you feel energized. When you’re at MHIRJ, you’re a hero on the ground.