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Careers on the Rise: Jesus Bojorquez

For Jesus Bojorquez, a career in aviation has always been his calling. Now that he works as a Crew Chief in Tucson, Arizona, he’s living up to his potential and has made some valuable friendships along the way.

In his youth, Jesus (Jesse) Bojorquez used to watch airplanes take off at the Tucson International Airport. As the gleaming silver birds soared upward into the blue, he would ponder the mechanics of flight and the wondrous machines that took passengers to exotic destinations. These moments had a great impact on him and his future.

A love of flight stayed with Jesus throughout his youth, and upon graduating from high school he knew a career in aviation was his calling. His first step was enrolling in the Aviation Technology Program at nearby Pima Community College in Tucson. There, he gained valuable hands-on learning on commercial transport aircraft. “College was a great experience,” said Jesus. “I started learning about FARs, Part 147 Schools, and got a good overall background on the industry. Since I’ve always been mechanically inclined, I went for my A&P Certificate.”

Pima Community College turned out to be the right place at the right time for Jesus. While he was completing his certificate, the director from a major MRO organization came to the college to scout recruits, and Jesus made a good impression. “I had a great conversation with the director,” said Jesus, “he told me that as soon as I finish my certificate, I should apply at the MRO he represented.” 

Jesus then began his aviation career as a Mechanic at the MRO. Within four years, he was promoted to Crew Chief where he oversaw a team of technicians who would inspect the aircraft and get it in working order for flight. When MHIRJ took the reins of the Tucson Service Center, Jesus was a natural for the operation. “It’s a bigger company with a bigger network,” said Jesus. “We’re growing and have brought in a bunch of new customers. And there’s less of a transition time to move up than other organizations.”

As Crew Chief, Jesus is responsible for assigning jobs, coordinating with various departments and supervisors, and developing the crew itself. For Jesus, taking recruits under his wing is something he is passionate about. “Being a mentor is a big part of my job,” said Jesus. “Helping personnel get their A&P Certificate is important to me. I enjoy seeing their careers take off. One of the mechanics I helped is now a Supervisor at our MRO and another is a Director of Operations at another facility."

Helping personnel get their A&P Certificate is important to me. I enjoy seeing their careers take off.

While the work is fast-paced and challenging, Jesus has also made friends quickly at the service center. To him, the best part is the people. “There’s good camaraderie here with the team,” said Jesus. “I’ve made some close friends here and we get together outside of work—I even invite them over to my home for special occasions like Thanksgiving!”

As a father of two young children, Jesus also appreciates working and living in Tucson. "It has a small-town feel as opposed to a big city," said Jesus. "The outdoor activities are great for families too, like hiking, cycling, and for me—golf. Plus, the winters are warm!”