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Starting up the right way

Entry-into-service solutions

By offering all the services you need to get started and successfully transition into sustainable operations, we help set the tone for your entire journey. Whether you are introducing a CRJ Series aircraft into your fleet for the very first time or are a start-up airline with plans to operate pre-owned CRJ Series aircraft, you benefit from proven services for new and pre-owned aircraft and expert guidance from MHIRJ specialists at every step.

Count on us to:

  • Conduct in-depth analysis to understand your unique Entry-into-Service (EIS) needs

  • Create and maintain your EIS Readiness Plan

  • Coordinate requirements across MHIRJ to ensure timely and harmonized delivery of key EIS support elements

  • Provide support regarding all certification and regulatory logistics

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Technical Services

Offered as a longer term service agreement or intervention based, our Technical Support Solutions connect you with services that address the engineering, maintenance and operational needs of your airline.

  • Reliability Analyses & Recommendations
  • Direct Maintenance Costs (DMC) Analyses & Recommendations
  • Maintenance Program Evolution
  • MHIRJ e-services including online tools
  • Online Technical Publication Engineering Drawings
  • Operational Evaluation

With a CRJ Series aircraft taking off every 10 seconds somewhere in the world, we know what it takes to ensure reliable performance. Thanks to our Aircraft Reliability service, you benefit from a team of analysts who are dedicated to enhancing the productivity and operational preparedness of your operation. We bring our vast OEM experience to reduce aircraft downtime, lower operating costs and improve efficiency. In addition, we’ll assign a dedicated analyst to your operations.

Automatic Data Extraction and Management Dashboard

We provide B2B Reliability Data Extraction in real-time, offering the exact information you need to make accurate decisions. We process the data, interpret the results and offer recommendations to boost efficiency. A synopsis of your daily data is made available online thanks to a management dashboard, giving you complete visibility on daily defects, grounded aircraft, open Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs) and more.

Monthly & Quarterly Reliability Reports

Our Aircraft Reliability service sends you Monthly and Quarterly Reports that address regulatory requirements, so you can concentrate on fixing the issues within the reports. The Quarterly Reliability Report will be comprehensive and contain Rogue Component Analysis, Repeat Snags, Modifications Analyses and Recommendations with ROI analyses and much more. The Monthly Report will be an abridged version. To further support your operations, every month we will hold reliability meetings, remotely.

Reduce your maintenance costs and get better control over aircraft reliability. Our team takes care of everything an airline’s in-house reliability and maintenance cost department handles. You’ll be able to enhance the productivity, operational preparedness and the profitability of your airline. A dedicated analyst will be assigned to your operations, supported by additional MHIRJ in-house analysts.

Quarterly Maintenance Cost Report

With the Enhanced Quarterly Maintenance Cost Report, you’ll benefit from recommendations on Maintenance Cost Reductions and whether your current PBH / Time & Material deals are effective as they can be. If needed, we will support you in negotiating a new deal. We’ll also provide support in maintenance budgeting and hold monthly reliability meetings remotely as well as remote quarterly maintenance cost meetings.

Minimize cost, reduce ground time, and increase airplane availability with an optimized and cost-effective maintenance program designed specifically for your operation. Our Maintenance Program Evolution Support will help you get the most from your fleet. By evolving and optimizing maintenance, you’ll reduce maintenance downtime and labor as well as associated costs all while improving aircraft availability and profitability without compromising safety.

Evolving with Excellence

To help develop the most optimized and efficient maintenance program for your operations, we’ll evaluate your current Maintenance Program, Heavy Checks and Calendar Checks. We’ll validate your program by reviewing relevant pilot and maritime reports (Pireps/Mareps) as well as an appropriate sample size of check data and findings. We’ll also support you in obtaining approval of the evolution process and various evolution reports from your local regulator. We can even offer continuous monitoring and updating of your maintenance program in accordance with the MRM/MPD revisions.

Bringing luggage to an aircraft


Leveraging the strengths of the MHIRJ Global Support Network, you benefit from the day-to-day support solutions and expert maintenance services to help you get the most out of your operations.

  • Onsite Field Service Representative (FSR)
  • Mobile Repair Team (MRT)
  • Onsite Maintenance Technician
  • Customer Liaison Pilot support
  • Aircraft Reconfiguration

At MHIRJ, we offer a team of highly skilled Field Service Representatives (FSRs) strategically located worldwide to assist you with any technical issues with your aircraft. Highly proficient on CRJ Series aircraft systems, structures and an expert on all MHIRJ tools, your FSR will provide you with technical support for all in-service issues and ensure all defects are resolved with minimum impact to your operation. You’ll benefit from the knowledge, oversight and professional guidance of an OEM liaison that provides industry-leading support.

Providing Guidance & Recommendations

Count on your FSR to provide information and informal training on all technical, operational, and logistical matters related to the operation and maintenance of CRJ Series aircraft. Knowledgeable and experienced experts, they’ll provide troubleshooting assistance as well as monitor the reliability of your in-service aircraft and identify MHIRJ engineering documents such as Service Bulletins and modifications to increase aircraft performance. In addition, your FSR will provide recommendations for refining maintenance programs, operational and engineering practices to ensure high performance at lower operating costs.

Your Liaison to Productivity

Your FSR will set priorities and ensure the effective escalation of concerns within your operation and MHIRJ. They act as a liaison between the Customer, local Regulatory authorities and MHIRJ to facilitate timely resolution of issues when raised. In addition, your FSR will help identify areas of improvement regarding the operation of CRJ Series aircraft and will follow up with the various teams at MHIRJ to ensure a timely response.

When rapid onsite support is required the MHIRJ Mobile Response Team is there for you. Ready to be dispatched at any moment, our Mobile Response Team is comprised of highly skilled aviation professionals - from engineers to project managers. Experienced and knowledgeable, they are uniquely qualified to deliver immediate high-quality Aircraft On Ground (AOG) solutions. Throughout the lifecycle of your aircraft, count on the people who built your aircraft and know it best.

Comprehensive Assistance at Your Service

Our Mobile Response Team are Licensed technical experts who work closely with MHIRJ’s worldwide customer service and support offerings, including our 24/7 Customer Response Center, In-Service Engineering, Ground Support Equipment, Parts Services, and Maintenance Engineering. All to ensure faster turnaround times, the latest technical data, decreased project durations and costs.

Services include:
  • Permanent and Temporary Repairs
  • Aircraft Recovery
  • Damage Assessments
  • Service Bulletin Incorporation
  • STC Incorporation
  • RVSM Mapping (3D Handy Scan)
  • Symmetry Shoots
  • On-site Mechanical and Avionic Troubleshooting
  • On-site Structural Subject Matter Expert to support customer projects
  • Cost estimates to support insurance claims, and help you work with insurers to evaluate repair options
Inside cockpit



To ensure reliable and efficient operation of CRJ Series aircraft throughout their lifecycle, we are committed to providing comprehensive, world-class training to our customers and operators. Through our own Training Department and Authorized Training Providers (ATPs), we ensure global, specialized and tailored training, to keep your personnel knowledgeable and up to date on the latest CRJ Series developments. Training offered includes but is not limited to:

  • Pilot Initial/Recurrent/Differences; Flight Dispatcher; Flight Attendant Training
  • Flight Operations Engineering Training
  • Technical type/Differences/Refresher; Engine Run; Familiarization; TroubleshootingTraining
  • Flight & Technical Training eLearning/CBT
  • Aircraft Reliability; Structures; Key Specialized Training
  • Refresher, Recurrent and other key training is available for your personnel who may have been away from aircraft operations for extended periods
  • Most training is also available remotely, saving time and cost for travel

CAE is our ATP for Flight Training and FlightPath International is our ATTP for Technical Training.

Committed to supporting the global fleet of simulation products, MHIRJ offers a full range of support for existing, new build or upgraded Full Flight Simulators (FFSs), Flight Training Devices (FTDs), Virtual Simulators, Cabin & Door Trainers and other CRJ Series aircraft related Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs).

  • Elementary access to e-services
  • Fixed Flat rate for Engineering Services
  • Once a year Fleet Reliability analysis and recommendation
  • Area FSR coverage
  • Technical Publications

In aviation, the importance of proper training for your flight crew, engineers and other key personnel can’t be overstated. With our FOE and Performance Engineering Training, trainees benefit from a comprehensive and innovative approach via the latest technologies and learning concepts. This specialty training enables Pilots, Engineers and other Flight Operations personnel to better understand the performance of the CRJ Series aircraft, and as a result maximize performance, safety and operations – all while minimizing costs.

Choose from Basic or Advanced Training

Basic Course: 4 days

  • Topics include general performance (take-off, en-route, landing, payload, range)
  • SCAP

Advanced Course: 5 days

  • Advanced take-off analysis
  • Mountainous terrain operations
  • Training can be tailored to your specific requirements, including analyses of operational data
  • Delivered by highly experienced OEM Performance Engineers
  • Remote training and modular training are available.

MHIRJ CRJ Series aircraft part with seats

Upgrade Services

Enhance and improve your aircraft

Upgrade Services

The performance, comfort and efficiency of your aircraft is vital to your business. To help keep your fleet in top form, we offer comprehensive support for any upgrade or modification you want.

At our advanced maintenance facilities, we offer;

  • Bulkhead relocation
  • Larger overhead bins
  • Full cabin refurbishment
  • New configuration for layout of passenger accommodations
  • Avionics upgrade and modifications

All to enhance your CRJ Series aircraft and make flying with your airline all the more attractive to passengers.


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